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help us spread joy to families in need

Each participating child will get an allotted amount that we will be purchasing based on their needs. The amount depends on the amount of money that is raised. The Culpeper Walmart is also partnering with us by giving an additional 10% off purchases for these children. We are increasing our goal to 150 children this year. Additionally, we have partnered with the Culpeper Eagles Club, and they will be furnishing an assortment of Hygiene products in addition to their gifts.

There are several levels of sponsorship that can help push this project forward. Listed below is a breakdown of each level and how many children will go shopping with your contribution.

Contribution Table
SANTA$1201 - $2099(12 — 20 CHILDREN)
FROSTY$901 - $1200(9 — 12 CHILDREN)
RUDOLPH$501 - $900(5 — 9 CHILDREN)
ELF$100 - $500(1 — 5 CHILDREN)